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Automotive Links - Car Care Links (Websites & Resources)

Tech Products
Your Best source for all your Car, RV, Marine and Home Cleaners, Polishes, Waxes and Protectors.
AMSOIL synthetic motor oil, lubricants and filtration products. Free catalog available.
Tired of the 3000 mile oil change TREADMILL!? - Put some convenience in your life!
Car Buff
Car Buff car care products offers exclusive high-end car wax, auto polish, car soap, car cleaners, car care kits, tire shine, auto detailing products and more!
Bumper Protector, Bumper Guards
Protector your car bumper from scratches and damage. Set of 4 bumper guards - $29.95, many colors, free shipping.
National Dent
Discover exactly how to create, build, and successfully manage your own Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) business with this all-inclusive training course.
Heartland Synthetics .com
Amsoil synthetic oil outperforms other synthetic oil.
ShowCar Wax
Offers exclusive high-end car wax, car polish, car care products, auto accessories, car care kits, auto polish, tire shine, bug remover, tar remover, new car scent and more!
AMSOIL Premium Synthetic Engine Oil & Filters
AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil has been proven the best for 30 years and will dramatically improve your vehicles performance, fuel economy and life!
PaintScratch Automotive Touch-Up
Sells automotive touch-up paint in spray cans, paint pens and touch up bottles. 25,000 colors listed. Order on-line!
Car Polishes Inc.-Professional Detailing Products
The best in auto detailing products. Use what the pros use. The best in non-silicone polishes and glazes. Professional kits, swirls removers, and much more. Secured online shopping. 100% satisfaction guarantee.
Absolute Steel & Storage - Garage Kits and Carport Kits
Steel garage kits and carport kits shipped nationwide. Get your garage, building or carport quote online today.
Parasol Inc.
Hi: We exchanged links with your site and have recently updated our site www.parasolinc.com. We do not see our link on your site. If our link is still up please let us know where to find it. If you are no longer exchanging links please let us know so we can update our links. Thanks Harjit PS If we do not hear from you within a week we will assume you do not wish to exchange links and will remove your link from our site. Suggested Link: URL: http://www.parasolinc.com Site Name: PARASOL INC. Description: Specializing in quality Automotive, Marine, Home, Motorcycle and Industrial restoration, beautification & maintenance products Your link is at http://www.parasolinc.com/Resources/autoresources.asp NOTE: Since Dec. 2003 Google just IGNORES all outbound links placed on pages like links.html or links.htm etc. or located in folders named "links". Although Google crawls and indexes all pages they are completely worthless for Google Rankings (Google wont show up any back links from such pages. There are no advantages to be linked from pages like http://www.domain.com/links/page1.html or http://www.domain.com/links.html etc.) So the same is if YOU have link partners who are linking to you from pages named like "links.html" or " http://www.domain.com/ links /page1.html " etc. ALL these links are completely worthless for YOUR Google Rankings! (thats just the way Google tries to fight spammers. At the moment more than 85% of all link pages on the internet are named the wrong way. Google just takes the other few for rankings...). See also: http://www.webmasterworld.com/forum3/20459-3- 15.htm? highlight=file+links+backlinks (#39, #40 etc. for example)Pages named like "something-links.html" or "links-something.html"(except sponsored links.html or sponsored-links.html etc. Google ignores these as well. These have been tested by one of our link partners in Germany and you can test it too. Just take link pages with Page Rank 4/10 or greater) But probably Google will soon treat all the pages including the word "links" the same way...so it would be better if you did not have any file that includes the word "links" at all! If you have such link pages just rename them to something like "mywebtips? or "friends? or "more sites" or any other word(s) you like! I hope, you understand now, what I mean. So please just change the file name(s), update your home page links to new files, upload them all and send me the new link, where the pages are. I would like to exchange links with you then. Thank you.